5 Night Routines for Parents

by Payton Buffington / Uncategorised / 17 Mar 2017

5 Night Routines for Parents

5 Night Routines for Parents to Overcome Fatigue and Help Their Baby Sleep Longer

When you hear them purr and gurgle, now that’s when your heart melts and your whole body goes into a spiral of emotions, with your brain screaming “It’s impossible I’ve given birth to THIS adorable creature!”. A tear or two may drop here and there, but hey – that’s okay, we’re all emotional like that when it comes to our little angels.

Being a parent and all

Getting comfortable in the role of a parent isn’t easy; one moment you’re planning a baby, the second your life is being taken over. Caring for another human being is such a powerful lesson in self-sacrifice, commitment, attention, love, saving… and, in the end – you can’t even remember what life was like before parenthood.  It’s breathtaking.

With the baby comes a multitude of rules (we all know this), one of which is teaching them to adopt a healthy sleeping routine in order to grow strong, develop and stay happy. However, even though babies sleep a lot, they don’t always sleep at the time we want them to – which ends up being utterly exciting for both the baby and the parents.

With that in mind, we’re giving you a set of tips that will definitely help you stay on top of your baby’s sleep routine and help eliminate your personal exhaustion:

Have a Bedtime Ritual

Babies respond well to rituals and routines! Feeding, bathing and sleeping rituals are what they are about throughout the first year of life, so make sure you form them properly. When the baby understands what is coming next, their body and mind will adapt so it’ll be easier to put them in the right mojo. A bedtime ritual, the one that the baby is fully comfortable with, can help you calm your baby down and prepare them for sleep.

Try dimming the lights, giving your baby a relaxing baby massage, playing some calming music, etc. – anything that’s healthy and safe, and has proven effective. In choosing the routine, it’s important you follow your baby’s signs to avoid making them feel restless or uncomfortable.

Keep Things in Motion

Once upon a time, your baby was rocked to sleep in your womb as you went about your daily business and they still love that motion.

Lull your angel to sleep by cuddling them as you slowly walk around the room, gently rock them in a rocking chair or place them in a swinging crib. The rocking motion will help them drift off quickly and easily.

Take Care of Yourself

If mommy and daddy are exhausted, the baby will feel it and go into a tantrum of dissatisfaction! And it’s not just that – your energy levels will significantly fall and make you not as upbeat around the baby as you’d like to be.

Make sure you take power-naps, eat energy bars, drink lots of water and, if possible, have an hour or two of me time. If you’re experiencing back pain, headaches and eye fatigue (very common with new parents) solve the problem early on to prevent things from becoming a chronic problem – go for a full body massage, get your eyes checked and say “yes” to glasses if needed, try yoga for an hour a day… anything that will help you get your energy levels up!

Have a Soundtrack

The sound that the baby hears inside a mother’s womb is a pleasant murmur, similar to the ocean waves. The baby is constantly trying to find that soothing sound in these new surroundings, so make sure you help them. Playing calming music that reminds them of the time in your womb like white noise or the rhythmic beat of a heart can help soothe your baby and ensure that they sleep heavenly. Oh, and – try to co-sleep! The baby will feel the happiest when and if their parent(s) are next to them. There’s nothing like the warmth of your parent’s body that can help you sleep better.

Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Yes, you do need coffee to stay functional and awake, but - if you’re breastfeeding, the caffeine could be affecting your baby’s sleep. Further, unlike adults, babies take much longer to eliminate caffeine from their systems, so – if you’re drinking way too much coffee, prepare to have a countless number of sleepless nights... because of the baby, not the caffeine itself.

Good luck on your journey to parenthood, we hope you enjoy every step of the way. Remember: be smart, plan ahead and be sure to take care of yourself, too!

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