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by Lorrie Brook / Children / 26 Jan 2017


10 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy While travelling

When you are travelling somewhere, you want to make the trip as smooth as possible. But, if you have kids it may be complicated to a certain extent. They can’t keep calm during the entire trip, they get nervous and tired but are unwilling to sleep during the flight or ride. In such instances, you have to find some methods to keep them busy. It will calm them, but you will have some rest as well. Here are several tips on how to make them quiet but enjoying the journey.

1)    Counting cars

Kids don’t need much to have fun, and this is a proven thing. Sometimes a simple counting cars on the road will keep their minds busy. Just tell them to count for instance all the red cars they see. This way they will revise number (depending on age) and have fun for at least a half of the way.

2)    Gadgets

Kids love tablets or phones or anything that may reproduce cartoons or funny images. Parents are often criticized for providing children with those items, but in such instances, it will keep their attention fully. It is amazing how children are attentive when watching cartoons or other TV shows.

3)    Name the word

Parents are to say a letter for the word that crossed their mind and kids should guess the word. You can spice up the game by adding some treats for every word they guess successfully.

4)    Hand puppets

Travelling with Kids

Create the hand puppets out of socks and buttons, and provide children with these prior to going to a trip. Tell them that they have to reproduce at least three stories while travelling (make it proportional to the number of hours spent on the ride). You can invent an award, name it “Oscar” for best actors and the best play.

5)    Singing

Travelling with Kids

This can be the best part of the ride, and everyone can participate. Sing along with children songs familiar to them. You can sometimes pretend that you don’t know the words of a song, e.g. Twinkle, twinkle little star so you can test them. But, of course, you can pick any genre you want as long as everyone enjoys.



6)    Films and TV Shows

Besides the cartoons, you can use the tablets to play a children movie and thus keep them busy for a longer period. What may come in handy is downloading a Express VPN on your phone or tablet so you can have unlimited access to all available TV shows in the States. Eventually, kids may fall asleep.

7)    Portable drawing boards

Why not being creative, even on the move? There are plenty of boards you can bring with yourself while travelling with kids. You can tell them to picture the sight they see, or the family on the journey. You would be surprised how can children use their imagination when travelling. You can even make a small competition and prizes.

8)    Books on cd

The stories on the CDs may be quite helpful option when you decide to go travelling with kids. These stories are usually recorded by professionals, with different voices and intonation, so the children are not bored with a flat tone of the narrator. They also help them develop listening and comprehension skills.

9)    Memory games

Travelling with Kids - Memory Games

These will make them involve in thinking and reacting fast. Simply tell them to memorize things you have in the car or in their bags and ask them later on to name what is located on which position. Of course, a treat after every guessed item will additionally heat up the game.

10) Geographic stories

You can talk to them about the place you want to visit before the trip itself. Once your off, you can ask them to tell you as many things as they can about that place. In this way, you are enhancing their abilities to remember names of other cities, states or places, as well as some other fun facts about those places.

There are definitely so many ways to keep your children occupied while going on a log ride or journey, you just need to be creative. If you are creative, it will reflect your children’s behavior and the trip will be memorable for both you and the kids.




Travelling with Kids

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