Kindergarten Matters: the Importance of Early Childhood Education

by Payton Buffington / Uncategorised / 12 Apr 2017

Kindergarten is important

Kindergarten Matters: The Importance of Early Childhood Education


As the kids hit pre-school age, many parents are left wondering whether enrolling their children in kindergarten is the right decision. It’s important to mention that kids learn a lot about the world around them in early childhood. This is the time when their interests reach the highest peak and develop in various directions. In that respect, kindergarten can only help your child grow mentally, physically and emotionally. For further explanation, keep on reading.

Kindergarten offers fun learning

If you want your child to enjoy the learning process, kindergarten is definitely the right way to go. This is the first concept of school that your kids will have. While you can do your best to foster their love of learning at home, kindergarten can help your kids perceive “school” learning environment as something fun and not scary. In general, teaching practices at kindergartens focus on creative and interesting ways to explain letters, numbers and nature. Children get to play and learn new things while getting used to listening to their teacher.

Kindergarten means more social interactions

Your child doesn’t have to be really shy for you to worry about their ability to handle different social interactions. However, when they find themselves surrounded by their peers, they will develop social skills in order to deal with various social situations. In general, spending time with other kids in their age group can boost your child’s social and emotional intelligence. They will learn to open up to other kids, make friends, share their ideas, get familiar with socially acceptable and unacceptable behavior and even experience some social conflicts. It’s clear that you want to spare your kids any trouble, but even social issues can be extremely beneficial for a young child. This is the moment when they can learn how to make things better, respect others and themselves and overcome their worries.

Kindergarten can boost your child’s creativity

As mentioned, kindergartens always use interesting and creative games in order to explain some otherwise boring topics. However, this is not all. Children can feel a lot more relaxed and free in kindergartens than they do at school. This is precisely because they’re allowed to use various means of expression, from painting to building blocks and crafting. These activities help the kids find something they’re interested in and encourage their creative thinking. What’s more, every child has the right to pursue their own creative expression. If you take a look at some of the best day care centers in Brisbane, you’ll see that their programs are based on individual needs of every child. Fostering individuality in early childhood can be of immense importance later on.

Kindergarten helps with fitness skill

Proper physical development is a real concern in this digital age. If both parents work, there’s even less chance for the kids to regularly visit playgrounds. However, physical activity is essential in early childhood. Not only will the kids develop better coordination and motor skills, but they will also get to experience the fun of it all. In all honesty, if the kids never get the chance to play sports or run around in childhood, they probably won’t find this type of activity appealing as they grow older either. In that respect, kindergarten and planned physical activities can mean a lot for your child’s overall health and happiness.

Kindergarten prepares kids for school

You may think that everything above-mentioned applies to schools as well, and that your child doesn’t have to go to kindergarten to adopt learning habits, improve creativity or socialize. However, the sad truth of modern education is that not many schools leave room for individuality, freedom of expression, etc. In that respect, it can come as quite a shock for kids that they suddenly have to sit still, listen attentively, avoid talking and follow strict rules. On the other hand, kindergarten can effectively prepare them for this next step in life in the most comfortable way.

The benefits of early childhood education and iterative learning process can make a significant difference in your child’s life. Essentially, kids will learn how to solve problems in creative and innovative ways, get more comfortable to communicate and connect with others as well as become neat and organized with their learning habits. Therefore, the importance of kindergarten should never be underestimated.


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