Leonie Percy - Feature Blog

by Lorrie Brook / OCA / 20 Dec 2015

Leonie Percy is the founder of Yogamamata and Mother Om.

Leonie Percy - Feature Blog

Leonie Percy is the founder of Yogamamata and Mother Om but most of all is the feature of this months blog series.

What is your name?

Leonie Percy http://www.leoniepercy.com/about/


How long have you been separated for?

4 years


How many children do you have?



How old are your children?

I boy who is 6 and have re-partnered and now have a 8 month old baby girl


Was the decision to separate a mutual decision between you and your ex?

No. My ex husband broke my heart. We tried to fix our marriage for 18 months and then I walked away.


Did you have to get lawyers involved following your separation or were you able to work everything out between you?

No lawyers and we are very amicable.


Looking back on your separation would you do anything differently?

It was a very painful process that had 3 stages. Denial, anger and acceptance. I needed to go through each stage to get to acceptance. It took 18 months to get there. I wish I had let go and moved on sooner.


Did the separation have any significant impact/s on your children?

Our son has had some issues with emotional regulation. We have worked together to support him though this and he is doing well at school now.


Did the separation have any impact on your relationship with your children at the time? If so how?

Our son as only 2 at the time so no, it came later.


Did you ever engage the services of a Counsellor or Psychologist to help you or your children through the separation process? If so do you feel it was beneficial to you or your children?

Not at the time but we have used psychologists to help with emotional regulation and help him improve his social skills to make friends.


What is your relationship with your ex like now?

Very amicable. He just got re-married and I am happy for him.


What is your relationship with your children like now?

We have a strong connection.


If you could give one piece of advice to parents going through separation regarding their children what would it be?

Let it go and practice non-attachment. See your ex as your greatest spiritual teacher. they will teach you compassion, acceptance and gratitude.


Well we come to the end of our Feature Blog series.

This was a new series this year and I hope you found the insights into how others have walked the road before you to be helpful.  When I set out to do this series I wanted to show you that other's have gone through similar situations, all with their own unique twists and they have all come out the other end.  Yes some have come out with less scars then others but what they all have in common is that they have all learnt from this life lesson.

So what have you learnt?