Lest we forget.

by Lorrie Brook / OCA / 20 Apr 2015

So this weekend marks the 100th Anniversary of what we know today to be Anzac Day.


Anzac Day provides us with a day to pay our respects; reflect on the battles fought by those before us and to show our gratitude and thanks to them for the sacrifices that they have made to make Australia the great Country it is today.


Anzac Day is also a day to thank the current men and women of the Australian Armed Services for the sacrifices that they continue to make for our Country. Many of these men and women have families just like you and I and they choose to leave them behind sometimes for months at a time to continue to protect our nation.


I encourage you this week to talk with your children about Anzac Day and the significance of it. There is so much out there available on the net but here is just one link to help you with this:



Lest we forget.