Parents in the Know Podcast

by Lorrie Brook / Uncategorised / 28 Dec 2015

Parents in the Know Podcast is produced by Emily M Morgan to provide parents with factual information on everything to do with parenting.

Parents in the Know Podcast Interview

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Emily M Morgan founder of "Parents in the Know" podcast.  Some of you may have read the previous post I had done on this podcast as well as the various articles that Emily has written for us and which can be found on our expert article page.

Emily and I talked about lots to do with family law and separation as well as the Our Children Australia Communication Portal.  Here is an excerpt from our chat:

"Today on Parents in the Know, we have another special episode from our interview series. This time we’re talking to a former Family Lawyer and independent children’s lawyer, Lorrie Brook, who is the founder of an excellent website for single, separated and divorced parents:

Lorrie’s organization, Our Children Australia, was developed from her years of experience helping separating families through the separation and divorce process. Lorrie found that the majority of issues that made the separation process harder for families came from a lack of communication and understanding between the separating parents. Her organization works to support separating parents to communicate well throughout the process, to advocate for the children involved and to do all that’s possible to keep the families out of the family courts and to mitigate the impacts of family court if it becomes inevitable.

Our Children Australia’s website provides access to directories of experts who can offer advice and assistants, including lawyers, counselors, coaches and mediators. It also offers products for sale of value to separated parents, expert articles on topics of importance to parents, and a place where separating parents can find support and answers."

The interview has now been uploaded to the Parents in the Know podcast and I have the link for you here.

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