Divorce Coaching

Before you start rolling your eyes at the thought of needing a divorce coach - there can be a lot of merit to using one! Going through separation and divorce is not easy which is why some people get divorce coaching. Some couples find that the best way forward is to engage the services of a Divorce Coach; a person who can guide both of them through this process and help them come out the other end whilst still maintaining the best relationship possible.

Divorce Coaching is all about helping you both end your relationship on the best terms, giving you what you need to move on and at the same time ensuring that you remain focused on what is really important - your children.
Marilyn Albertson has been established as an accredited counsellor in private practice since 2007 with offices in Sydney at Kirribilli and Beverly Hills and is a professional member of the Counsellors & Psychotherapists Association of NSW and listed on the PACFA register as a counsellor and supervisor. Her therapy work is with individuals, couples and families across a broad range of client’s needs and issues in a very varied market. She has also been trained in Collaborative Divorce Counselling & Coaching which supports each family member as they go through the divorce process or learn new ways to come together again as a family.
CoParenting Australia offers support for people in all stages of separation and divorce. You can also find out about the International Child Centred Divorce Month which CoParenting Australia is involved with and for which we are proudly supporting.