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DA Family Lawyers has been in practice since 2005. Our experienced solicitors regularly provide advice in relation to family law matters such as parenting disputes, financial and property settlement, domestic violence proceedings, collaborative practice, Financial Agreements, surrogacy arrangements and child protection proceedings

We understand that separation, divorce and other issues relating to family law or domestic law such as child protection and domestic violence can be complex, time-consuming and emotionally draining. DA Family Lawyers sensitively and professionally works with each individual client to guide you through the legal process and provide you with quality, cost-effective legal support to resolve your individual issue.


DA Family Lawyers


Led by director Deborah Awyzio, a well-respected Brisbane family lawyer, mediator and accredited family law specialist, the DA Family Lawyers professional team comprises some of the most respected and experienced family lawyers in Brisbane. Up to date with all ongoing legal amendments, DA Family Lawyers will assess your case and offer a range of resolution methods including collaborative law, mediation or litigation if required as well as legal aid to qualified clients.




What we do:

Mediation & FDR

Mediation can be used to settle a dispute without having to go to court. Reach a mutually agreeable outcome and save time, stress and money.

Court Representation

Ensure your court representation is confident and cost effective with highly skilled and experienced lawyers.

QLD Children’s Court Proceedings

Ensure the welfare of your child through our reliable, supportive and knowledgeable family law solicitors, with a clear understanding of what principles and guidelines apply.

Surrogacy Legal Advice

Protect yourself and your future child with expert advice on entering a surrogacy agreement.

De Facto Property Settlements

Be informed about your legal rights, protect your assets and identify relevant issues to your situation in a de facto relationship.

Financial Agreements

Clear guidance on how matters will be resolved between you and your partner in the future if it becomes necessary.

Court Representation

Ensure your court representation is confident and cost effective with highly skilled and experienced lawyers.


Collaborative LawStaff of DA Family Lawyers

Our principal Deborah Awyzio, as well as our Associate Solicitor Naomi Lewis and our Senior Managing Solicitor Lisa Foley have undertaken training in collaborative practice. This means they are able to offer an alternative dispute resolution process, rather than only litigation, mediation or negotiation between lawyers.

Collaborative practice is more focussed on separated partners taking responsibility for resolving their dispute in a respectful, collaborative way with the assistance of four-way face to face meeting between separating partners and their lawyers.



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