Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance can come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you have a lawyer and you are unsure if they are doing the right thing. Maybe you cant' find a lawyer right for you. Or perhaps you need help with funding and paying for a lawyer.
,br> We understand that the legal assistance you are after is as individual as you which is why have gone to the effort of making sure that you have the links for the legal aid and law society for your state or territory.

What is a Law Society?

A Law Society is the governing body for the lawyers of your state or territory. They are the people responsible for ensuring that you as a member of the public can maintain trust and confidence in the legal profession. Depending on where you are located your law society may also be charged with disciplinary powers in the event that a lawyer has acted unprofessionally.

What is Legal Aid?

Legal Aid bodies are independent bodies which receive funding from both State and Federal governments. If you are having difficulty paying for legal assistance on a private basis then your local legal aid body may be able to provide you with funding to assist.