If you are having difficulty resolving an issue we believe you should try to mediate this as quickly as possible. It is better to get issues resolve quickly so that they don't grow and evolve. We have a number of mediators who are great at what they do and who are able to help you out.
Brisbane-based Deborah Awyzio Mediation provides a no-fuss approach to resolving complex family law disputes and obtaining a positive outcome for both parties. Mediator, experienced family lawyer and accredited family law specialist Deborah Awyzio is an unbiased and independent mediator. Using her years of family law experience, Deborah’s focus during mediation is to carefully guide clients through the mediation process with the aim to resolve clients’ issues with purpose and respect.
Fresh Mediations is a registered Family Dispute Resolution service providing affordable and expedient mediation in children’s matters and property settlement either online or face to face
BWB Mediations is the best way to negotiate your concerns to reach agreement and resolve a dispute when your relationship breaks down. We are passionate about ensuring the best family law outcomes and provide an expert approach to your mediation or family dispute resolution conference at an affordable price. BWB Mediations offers mediations in Brisbane, Toowoomba, or anywhere in between.
Helping separating families to discuss and agree on their parenting plans.