Do you struggle to find the right words to use when you are trying to write a message to your ex?
Do you think that there is no such thing as amicable divorce communication?

Do you feel like banging your head against a brick wall every time one of your messages is misinterpreted?

You know that communication is an art form and this could not be truer then when you are talking about divorce communication.

You also know that it can be hard to learn how to communicate in a business like fashion when you are naturally ingrained to communicate with emotion when it comes to your family. The problem with this though is that after you have separated, it is important that you start to communicate on a business level and move away from the emotional level that you once utilised. This can be even harder when you are still at a point where the pain and hurt of your separation is still very much raw and real.

There is a way and we want to teach you how! We want to show you that by removing emotions not only will your message become clear but that there can be less room for misinterpretation.

So we have put together a divorce communication package to help. A annual subscription with our communication portal plus 1.5 hours worth of training. Now we know that sometimes the best way to learn is by doing - so you don't have to use the 1.5 hours in one lump sum. It is yours to use as you wish over the 12 months. If you want to do some each week or just use it when there are difficult discussions to be had that is completely up to you.