We have started to host and become involved in different events. We are doing this to keep our commitment to you that we will  provide you with ongoing support and services to get you through your separation and divorce.  If you would like to find out more information about the events you can schedule a call with Lorrie or click on the links below and register your interest.


Event: Weekend Divorce

WEvents: Weekend Divorceeekend Divorce is a program which has been designed to provide couples who are going through separation or divorce.  This program enables your to legally resolve all of their issues in one weekend.  Forget about the years it can take going through the Courts. Forget about the hours spent at a lawyers office.  We provide you with all of the people you need to resolve your disputes quickly; for a fraction of the financial and emotional cost.

These weekends are fully catered you do not need to worry about anything – from finding a lawyer to organising lunch we take care of everything.

To register your interest schedule a time to chat with Lorrie.