Are your presents being received?

At Our Children Australia we understand that sometimes circumstances arise when the only contact a parent has with their child is by sending gifts. We also know that in those circumstances parents are often reluctant and are concerned for their own safety and that of their child to provide their address to the other parent.

So we sat down and put our heads together and came up with a way to help. Why don't we be your intermediary? Why don't we assist and come to the rescue for both parents and the child? We couldn't think of a reason not to and so here we are offering a gift exchange service.

So how does the Gift Exchange Service work?

The gift is sent to us1

The gift is sent to us

The parent sending the gift will do so by sending it to our address by registered mail.
The gift is received by us2

The gift is received by us

We will sign for and receive the parcel.
The gift is sent by us3

The gift is sent by us

We will then send the gift to the address nominated by the other parent by way of registered post.
The gift is received4

The gift is received

Once the gift has been received and we have received acknowledgement of same we will notify the parent who sent the gift.