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Annual Subscription – Communication Portal


A 12 month subscription to access the Our Children Australia Communication portal.  Purchase 1 for yourself or 2 if you want to pay for the other party as well!


Annual Subscription

Our Children Australia Communication Portal

This is a great way to get the most of the communication portal when you are not wanting any other services.

A subscription to our Communication Portal gives you access to:

  1. A Calendar where you can organise your co parenting arrangements
  2. A Communication wall for you to discuss any issues relating to your children
  3. An Information bank to store details pertaining to your children
  4. A Financial table to keep track of expense
  5. A unique and joint incoming email address for you to provide to third parties to ensure that you are both receiving correspondence relating to your children
  6. The ability to upload and store documents regarding your children.

On top of all of this you are given the security and peace of mind that all records are permanent, date and time stamped and nothing can be altered or deleted once it is posted.  We can provide you with a full track record of entries and communications.

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