We know that separation and divorce can be difficult at the best of times; and when there are children involved it is even harder. Harder on you, and harder on them.

Divorce communications can be complex and fragile all at the same time. Following separation, emotions between each of you are often running at an all time high, and this can lead to prolonged and heated arguments, disagreements, and disputes regarding your shared parenting decisions and responsibilities.


"This site has been an invaluable source of communication and as the records are kept has benefited me immensely."                  - Adam M.

"This is fantastic!! I can definitely see our family's using this and benefiting from it. it is so easy to use."                                               - Jeannine F.


Communication Wall - Our Children Australia

Communication Wall

For safe and secure discussions regarding your child with the full knowledge that nothing can be altered or deleted, and everything is date and time stamped, for your own piece of mind.

Financial Matters - Our Children Australia

Financial Matters

A simple table to keep track of all of your child's expenses.

Calendar - Our Children Australia


Keep track of your child's activities and when your child is with each of you.

Information Bank - Our Children Australia

Information Bank

Record and upload all of your child's important information in once place (e.g. contact information for doctors, schools, emergencies, etc.). Now there is no excuse for not knowing!

Email Communication - Our Children Australia

Incoming Email Account

With your own unique email address, associated with your account, any email received to this address will be automatically forwarded to both parties - relieving you of the need to do so.

"I love this site. I was referred by my Solicitor (MV). My husband (almost ex) refused to use it but I still use it to log info like appts and costs, just to cover my own back. Thanks"

"I think your website is a great idea!"

"I think your website is a fantastic tool, and I'm very happy to do anything to help as I've just left an abusive relationship of 11 years with my 22 month old daughter."

"This is a great tool for any family. My wife and I, although not separated, use this site so that we we both know at all times what is going on with our daughter. It means that the time that we do get together is not spent passing messages back and forward but that we can both focus our attention on our family and our relationship. Thank you!"

"I was so impressed with your Our Children concept. Since we met, I have seen 6 clients to whom I have mentioned it."