Separation shouldn't stop you from working together to raise your children.

That's where we can help!

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Communication Portal

Maintain records for general communications between parents, saving the kids from having to relay information

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Coparenting Calendar

Stay on track with custody days, school assessments and events, social and extra-curricular activities

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Expense Tracking

Joint expenses can be difficult to track and manage. Our expense tracker, shows you who contributed and the type of expense

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Separation shouldn't stop you from working together to raise your children. That's where we can help.

Raising children is challenging enough with two parents in the same house, so when you go your separate ways, it can be a stressful, difficult time for everyone — including your kids. Just keeping track of costs, time, and who said what when can take up dozens of hours—hours you could be spending with your child.

With Our Children, you get a simple, easy-to-use online resource that streamlines communications between both parents, freeing up that valuable time you and your child want and need.

Separation isn't fun for anyone, but Our Children makes it a little less painful for everyone, especially the people who need you to work together most — your kids.

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How do our members use the Portal to safely and effectively share information about their children?

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  • Store all your communications in one location

  • Have a date and time stamp for all of your communications

  • Eliminate the he said/she said arguments as nothing can be deleted

  • Choose if you receive notifications

  • Control when you log in, update and review any new posts

  • Keep track of what money is owed and what has been received

  • Eliminate the need to continually pass third party information between each other

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