Case Studies

Court Ordered

Casey and Mark have been going through the Court process for a few years now. Unfortunately the conflict has reach a point where they can no longer agree on anything. You might be familiar with the situation – you want x and the other parent will suggest y. You feel like this is just to spite you. It may be it may not. With these types of communication difficulties however it can be very hard on your children. Because of this the Court can order you both to communicate using the Our Children Australia Communication Portal. This is what was done in Casey and Mark's case. Now they are able to write messages to each other and with the joint calendar they both know what is going on with their children without the need to actually speak with each other. By taking away this one element of the communication process it can help you both to take a breather and recoup.

Can't get the other parent to use it?

Meet Sarah. She has recently separated from her husband John. They have 2 children together and unfortunately they are struggling to communicate. Sarah told us that she wanted to use the site however after speaking with John he doesn't want too. He doesn't see the need for the portal when they can text and email. Sarah is still feeling vulnerable and is concerned that John will manipulate the messages that she writes. So we suggested that Sarah continue to use the site on her own. She can use the email feature to ensure that there is a constant track record of all communications between them and the calendar and information bank will enable her to continue to keep a track record of everything in a central location for her own piece of mind.

Domestic Violence in your relationship?

Jenny has recently fled a violent relationship and is now living in a refuge with her 2 children. She has a domestic violence order out on her husband protecting her and her children. She wants to make sure however that he has not been cut off from the kids all together and wants to keep him updated by providing pictures and copies of drawings etc. To ensure her safety and that of her children she has decided to use Our Children Australia where she can keep her location a private and upload different documents for him to view.

Daniel is in a different situation. He has found that his wife was manipulating and controlling him emotionally and towards the end of the relationship started to become physically violent. He left the marital home for his own safety and so his children would not have to witness the acts of violence. Since he left, his time with his children has been restricted and his wife is refusing to talk to him claiming that he was violent towards her. He decided to use the Our Children Australia Communication Portal so that he could have a full track record of conversations so that his wife would not be able to manipulate what was said.

Do you want a simplified separation?

Ann and Tim recently decided that they wanted to separate. They both realized that despite having been in a relationship for a long time that they no longer loved each other and wanted to move on. What they didn't want to do was turn it into a long drawn out war where only the lawyers win. So they decided to look for an alternate and found Weekend Divorce. Weekend Divorce enabled Ann and Tim to sit down with qualified professionals and get everything sorted for a set fee and it took only 6 weeks from start to end.