Security is important and very essential. We understand this so have multiple layers of highly encrypted security for your protection.

Our Children Australia uses 2048 bit encryption on every page of the website. This means that you can post even the most sensitive data with confidence that nobody can intercept it as it travels from your computer to our server.

All passwords for our members are fully encrypted with a one way encryption (even in our database). Not even our technical support staff can see what your passwords are which is why we have had to provide password recovery tools that email new passwords to only the email address you signed up with.

No credit card details are ever kept by Our Children Australia. We use Stripe as our payment partner tomanage your subscription to the website. As one of the largest and most secure payment facilitators in the world we have every confidence in Stripe's ability to safely and securely manage your financial transactions.

We consider security to be a very important issue! Should you require further details or answers to specific security questions, please contact us via the form on the Contact Us page and we will happily answer your questions to the best of our ability.