Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question regarding our website or the communication portal check to see if the answer is below. If it isn't feel free to use the contact us form and ask away - we are here to help!

Technical Questions

1I am having difficulty uploading documents can you help me?
If you are having difficulties uploading documents please check:
1. The file type. We support word documents, pdf's and photos. 2. The file size - the maximum size of the file is 10Mb. Finally depending on your internet connection it can take some time for the documents to upload and show on the page so please be patient.
2Can I upload photos directly from my mobile phone?
Unfortunately at this point you cannot do this. The easiest way to do it would be to email the photo to the email account or alternatively you can email the photo to you home computer, save it and then upload it from there.
3I can't seem to log into my account.
When logging into tyour account you need to make sure of the following: 1. You are entering your email address exactly as you entered it in the signup process. 2. You are entering your password exactly as you entered it in the signup process. Both of these details are recorded int eh welcome email we send to you once you have registered. Our security system is case sensitive so be sure to check this as well.
4I want to change my payment plan - how do I do this?
If you have previously chosen to pay monthly and then want to take up an annual subscription what you need to do is:
1. Log into your PayPal account and cancel the recurring payment you have with us. Once this is done your account will remain active until the end of the payment period.
2. At the commencement of the next payment period when you go to log into your account you will be asked to re-subscribe and at this point you will be able to choose to re-subscribe on an annual basis. Don't worry though - no data will be lost!
5I have tried to resent my password but i haven't received an email - why?
If you are using a hotmail/live account it is likely that the password retrieval email was caught by the hotmail/live account spam filter. If you aren't using a hotmail/live account check your SPAM folder. If neither of these resolve your issues contact us at
6I have paid my subscription fee but i still cannot access my account.
When you pay your subscription fee you must wait for PayPal to redirect you back to our website. If you are not automatically redirected back to us then your account will not be activated. If this happens to you contact us and we can arrange for the activation on your behalf.
7I want to print from the communication wall - how do I do that?
The easiest way is to highlight the page and then press print. Don't forget though to change your paper layout to landscape.

General Questions

1I have forgotten my password
If you have forgotten your password just simply click on the "forgotten password" link and a new password will be sent to the email account you have given us. Please note that if you use a hotmail or live account you will need to contact us directly using the contact form.
2The other party cannot afford to pay - can I pay for them?
Of course you can. When you are on the payment page just click the box "paying for both parties".
3Can I edit or delete an entry on the Communications wall?
No all entries made on the communications wall are final.
4I have made an appointment in the calendar and it is showing on the communications wall as well - is this correct?
Yes it is. The site has been developed so that the communications wall has a complete track record of all the entries made in the user's account. Whilst you are able to edit or update details in the calendar, information bank and financial matters section the original entry will always remain on the communications wall with a new entry as well showing the changes that have been made.
5Do you only accept payments through PayPal?
The only payments that must be made through PayPal are those clients who are currently on monthly subscriptions to our communication portal. All other payments can be made by direct deposit if you wish. Please note that goods will not be sent and accounts will not be activated though until such time as the payment has been received.
6Do you still offer a montly subscription?
Unfortunately no.
If you are a current client on a monthly subscription you can continue to pay this way however should your payment lapse or be cancelled if you wish to resubscribe at a later date you will need to do so through one of the payment options at that time.