Are they your child or your friend?

by Lorrie Brook / Uncategorised / 11 Dec 2018

How would you describe your relationship with your child?

Since separation you have found that your relationship with your children has become much closer. You may find that you are participating in many more activities as a family and thoroughly enjoying them, or simply just enjoying your movie nights together.


As time passes rules start to get slack and before you know it they have become more of a friend to you than your child. You may really enjoy hanging out with them and their friends and they may enjoy it too. You may go out socially together and you may even find yourself having deep and meaningful conversations about your life together.


The problem is – when they step out of line (and they surely will) how will you react. Will you have the gumption to stand up and take charge? Be the parent that you need to be? Will you be willing to do it even if it meant that you lost part of that friendship you had developed?


This is the problem that we see arise again and again. Parent’s love that their children like to hang out with them, will confide in them and treat them as one of their friends but when push comes to shove, they have lost control or don’t have the guts to pull them into line.


There is no right way or wrong way – however you parent is up to you – but we hope that you are not afraid to be the parent when the time calls for it.

So are they your child or your friend?