Boosting confidence in kids

by Lorrie Brook / Young Children / 4 Jul 2016

Boosting confidence in your children

Boosting Confidence: A Parent's Guide for Supporting Children's Self-Esteem

Even though at first thought self esteem seems like one of those things which we build as adults, the truth is that it is one of the most crucial “ingredients” of our personality which should develop from early childhood. People are social beings, and there is a whole range of attitudes and characteristics we form from our very early relations with other people, but self confidence is one of the first. That is why parenting is a journey of building your child’s personality and above everything, its self confidence. However, it is not an easy road, but it is certainly something your kids would be grateful for one day when they become adults. So, let us discover how you can help your children form a proper image of themselves.

Let Them Understand the Joy of Togetherness

Empathy and relations with other people are so important for every person’s psychological growth, and the time you spend with your kids in their first years is a unique opportunity to teach them to understand that relations. Even if you are one of those super busy parents, the time you have with your children should be filled with love, joy and happiness of being together. You are the example that your children will follow, so give your best to show them that you are grateful for them. This way you are giving your kids a proof of what togetherness means to you, and it is most likely that they will adopt the same attitude towards other close people.

Encourage Their Interests

[caption id="attachment_1471" align="alignright" width="200"]Encourage your childs interests Encourage your child's interests[/caption]

You will see your children experimenting with many things interesting to them, especially when they are toddlers, but this does not mean you should force them to choose the most favourite ones. Instead, be a kind of guide, who will point out what they are good at and support further expansion of those interests. This is how you will support their choices and inspire them not to give up of what they like or enjoy, which is one of the most valuable ways of expanding their self esteem.

Talk to Them

Even though you may think your toddlers are too young to understand you, kids are actually never too young to talk to them. It has been proven that even babies can develop a certain feeling from listening to mother’s voice, which plays a big role in later emotional and psychological development. So, focus on talking to your children constantly by explaining them various situations in ways they can understand. This is also good chance to explain your kids the consequences of some behaviour and the importance of responsibilities. This way you will teach them to think before doing something and to independently perceive good and bad actions.

Make Your Children Feel Important

Apart from letting them know that they are important to you, you can do some things which will give them a chance to express their own character and feel valuable in front of other people. Great opportunity for that are birthday parties where you can make your child feel special and respected. One of the ideas is to organize theme birthday parties where you will allow them to have their favourite character costume and entertaining program which will follow the entire idea. To make it completely authentic you can hire kid’s party entertainers, who are well trained to help the kids feel comfortable and accepted apart from being nicely entertained. Confidence, as one of the most important personal strengths is the thing we learn from ourselves equally as from people around us. So, apart from being there to support your children’s self esteem, try to express your own confidence in front of them.

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