Christmas Events and Co parenting

by Lorrie Brook / Co Parenting / 2 Nov 2020

Christmas Events

Christmas Events!

With less than 60 days to Christmas, I thought that this would be a timely reminder regarding Christmas Events.  In our current climate this may or may not relate to you as I know some schools and sporting clubs are choosing not to hold break up parties, christmas concernts or other end of year festivities due to COVID guidelines.  However in case they are - this is for you!

How do Christmas Concerts work when you are in a situation with high conflict?

Firstly one thing you want to do is to put your feelings regarding each other aside and focus on today being a day all about your children. They will be over the moon, especially if they are young – not only do they love Christmas but they also love being apart of something, showing off to you and when you are sitting in that audience their faces just light up. Remember today is all about them and any and all ongoing conflict just put it aside for today!

You may be at a point where one parent can’t go; as much as we dislike those scenarios sometimes it needs to be done for the benefit of your children. Perhaps you need to acknowledge that you both cannot be there together so agree that one will go this year and the other go the following year. If this is the case for you please be big enough and more so own the conflict enough to say so.

If you have orders in place and you know that your children will be with you at this time make sure you let the other parent know and give them the opportunity to come.  It is important that you both recognise where you are at in your relationship to determine and decide if it is the right thing for your child if you are both there.

No matter what enjoy it – I hope you have lots of fun!