Community Legal Centre

by Lorrie Brook / OCA / 23 May 2016

Last week we discussed the application for divorce. Some of you have said that you would like to get it checked by a lawyer. So this week I wanted to give you a quick tip…. (you can thank me for this one later )


If you don’t want to pay to see a lawyer in most places there will be a community legal centre so you won’t have to!

What is a Community Legal Centre?

A community legal centre often provides free general advice clinics. Yes you read right – FREE. Now they won’t be able to represent you in Court or sit down and complete your Affidavit for you but they will be able to give you advice and check over most documents. If you are interested in the “legal coach” concept this is a great resource to use. You may not get the same lawyer each time, but you might be ok with that in exchange for free advice.


Community Legal Centres are a great service and often under utilised. If you don’t know where to find them contact your local neighbourhood centre, check your local paper or even legal aid.


With the community legal centres they are usually run on a first in first served basis. Most of the lawyers who are there are volunteering their time as well – very few are paid to be there on the night. You might have to wait but if you are trying to save money this is something that you will need to live with.

Where can you find a Community Legal Centre?

You can find your local community centre by following these links:





WA -

NT -

SA -


If you don’t have a community legal centre in your area – legal aid may be able to give you advice or send you off to one of their preferred suppliers at a discounted rated.


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