Ensuring Your Children Will Have the Right Support Post-Separation

by Admin User / Divorce / 25 Aug 2019

How do children cope post-separation? Well, at first, it’s a challenge. Primarily because it’s so different to what they are accustomed to and such a huge shock. But like most things, after a substantial amount of time, it becomes normal and it’s no longer such a shock. In saying this, there are some things that parents can do to ensure their children have a smooth transition into this new lifestyle. 

It is commonplace for the court or legal practitioners to encourage parents going through a separation to complete a post-divorce, co-parenting program to ensure their children receive the best possible support during this transition. This program is sometimes referred to as a parenting orders program. While this may be a legal obligation for some, for others it is simply an educational and informative, online course that provides newly single parents with extremely useful co-parenting tips and legal advice. Such programs can be hugely beneficial for anyone going through a separation. 


The Benefits of a Parenting Orders Program: 

  • Practical tips on how to establish a co parenting relationship;
  • Tips on how to deal with challenges that will no doubt arise during your co parenting relationship;
  • Insight into the manner in which children view and observe your relationship;
  • Insight into how the court will view challenges that arise;
  • Guidance on how a child develops and how this interacts with what a court will order when it comes to time spent;
  • Improve your co parenting relationships;
  • Improve your communication skills; and
  • It will show you what is expected when co parenting in Australia.

The SPOT Program 

The SPOT Program (Separated Parenting Orders Program) has been specifically designed for the busy and stressful lifestyle single parents lead. Many Parenting Order Programs don’t properly cater to the needs of single parents, so this is the SPOT difference. The SPOT Program is all done online which makes it easy for anyone and everyone to complete. In the following months post-divorce, for some people, leaving the house more than what is completely necessary is almost impossible. Not to mention the fact that it can be difficult finding a babysitter to look after the kids let alone you actually wanting to leave them.  Then add to this, the fact that if you do manage to find a program being run during the day whilst the kids are at school, it will be more time off from work that you need to take (on top of the time you have already taken off to see your lawyer, attend court events etc). We wanted to remove all of these obstacles. Completing a program such as SPOT requires the right headspace.  If you are going to learn anything from it you need to be relaxed, you need time and space to think of how the scenarios we describe relate to your circumstances.  This is where the real learning happens. Which is why we thought being able to complete the course in the comfort of your own home is an easy, painless and non-confronting approach.