Failed? No. A new opportunity to begin again? Yes!

by Lorrie Brook / Mistakes / 9 May 2016

For some of you going through divorce it will be a very hard journey. Some of you may be hiding it, you may not want to acknowledge that you are going through this. You may in fact feel like you have failed.


It isn’t easy – especially if your main thought and feeling is that you have failed. Whether that be your relationship, your children, your family or friends. No matter what or why you are feeling this way it will still feel like a heave weight sitting on your chest and at times you are struggling to breath and get through each and every moment.


What I want you to know though is YOU HAVEN’T FAILED.


I know, I know that it is so much easier for me to write this and tell it to you then it is believe and accept it for what it is. But now is the time to start drawing on your belief whether that be in God, the universe or some other higher power out there. Every aspect of our journey is getting us to where we need to go.


Just because your relationship hasn’t lasted and you need to separate and go your own ways you need to stop and reflect back on the time that you have had together. Don’t look at it from the perspective of how great things were and you will never get that again – never do that. What you need to do is acknowledge how great things were, what a great experience it was, how much you have each grown and start to look forward to that next stage in your life’s journey.


You need to take what you have learnt and acknowledge that this was meant to happen in your life. The fact that your relationship is no longer does not mean you have failed – absolutely not. You need to celebrate that you have grown personally. Don’t waste what you have learnt use it and apply it to make the next part of your journey even more spectacular.