Have a Safe and Happy Easter

by Lorrie Brook / OCA / 25 Mar 2016

Have a safe, happy easter with your children

Happy Easter

You would have noticed that this week there was no post on Monday. Well that’s because I wanted to save it until today! I wanted to wish you all a happy and safe Easter.


Some of you will be with your kids, enjoy the day and the joy that it brings for them. It can be easy to forget how much excitement our kids get out of these special days, but when you see their faces light up it always reminds you why.


If you aren’t with your children don’t despair. When you see them next you can celebrate Easter then – if you get excited and tell them that you have asked the Easter bunny to make a special trip back just for them they will feel so very special. It is all in the way we deliver our messages and share the joy.


So whatever you are up to this weekend – have a safe and happy Easter and remember… Some bunny loves you!