Happy Father's Day

by Lorrie Brook / OCA / 31 Aug 2015

Next week is Father's Day, can I say happy Father's Day to all of our dads out there, I certainly hope that you have a wonderful day with your children.

With Father's Day approaching, I will always put out our reminders to parents on Mother’s Day and Father's Day, think about this coming day as a day for your children, not a day about the other parent. This is a day where your children get to show their love and appreciation towards their dad, so it’s our job to enable that and to facilitate that as much as possible.

For some people, you won’t have the ability to facilitate that face-to-face time, so a telephone call, a Skype chat, even a card in the post will go a long way in terms of helping your children to be able to show their love and their appreciation. Also to acknowledge that it is okay that they have that relationship with their father and that it’s okay for them to show that and experience that in your household as well. This really is what it’s all about. It’s about making our children feel comfortable, that they are safe in having a relationship with both you and their dad when they’re at home, when they’re spending time with you.

With regards to Father's Day specifically, if you can facilitate that face-to-face time that’s a wonderful gesture that you can make, especially if it is your weekend. If not, a telephone call and having your children call them is a great way to start that conversation and start enabling the children to feel comfortable in your household about wanting to speak to dad. Taking your children shopping for gifts or even sitting down and helping them draw a picture or make a card or even make something to give to their dad on Father’s Day is a great thing, and it’s a great activity that you can do together as well.

So for all the dads out there, I really hope it is a wonderful day for you. I hope that you get to enjoy the cold tea and toast that you get in the mornings. If you don’t get to spend time with them this weekend really remember that every day can be Father's Day when they’re with you, so always cherish the time that you get with your children.

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