Happy Mother's Day

by Lorrie Brook / OCA / 3 May 2015

This Sunday as many of you will know is Mother’s Day here in Australia.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mum’s out there.

What we want to talk about this week is what is going to happen for you on Mother’s Day. Some of you may be lucky enough that you are spending the day with your children this Sunday for others you may be in the unfortunate situation where your children are with your ex this weekend. No matter what your scenario there are always solutions to your problem.

If you are a dad listening to this, I really encourage you to stay tuned in; at the end of the day just stop and think about what if this was father’s day.

So Mother’s day is this coming Sunday, if you are lucky enough to have your children with you I really do hope you enjoy your day. If you are even one of the luckier ones; i.e. your children are supposed to be with your ex and your ex has offered for you to spend time with them then you are in a great spot in your co-parenting relationship and I really hope it just goes from strength to strength for you.

If unfortunately you aren’t able to spend time with your children this weekend because they are with their dad; you may be able to negotiate that you can have a telephone call, a skype chat, face time, text message or video. Something like that on Mother’s day, some type of communication will help your day. Every mum would love to hear from their child on Mother’s day, I know that for sure. If you are dad and the children are with you please let me encourage you as much as I can, to get your children to pick up the telephone, make a video, make a card, buy a gift whatever it is that is within your means. Do whatever you can to help your children experience the happiness and celebration that is mother’s day.

We must remember that as much as this is about the parents this is not about you doing something for the other parent, this is about enabling the children to show their appreciate for their mum on mother’s day. If roles were reversed I’m sure you would like to have the same level of appreciation shown to you.

If you don’t have your children with you this Sunday, please do not make them feel guilty. This is not their fault – it is not their fault that they won’t be spending time with you this Sunday. They have been placed in this situation and this is something for the both of you to organise. Make sure you tell them that as much as you would love for them to be spending time with you this Sunday, it can’t happen but that everyday with them is Mother’s day for you. It doesn’t have to be on Sunday – they can tell you how much they love you and how much they appreciate you any day. You can even have cold toast and tea any morning!

Dads: If it was father’s day, remember you would want something similar done for you and to the mums if dad does facilitate the children doing something for you, please remember to show your appreciation; again if roles were reversed you would like to know that your efforts were appreciated.

So to all the mum’s out there Happy Mother’s Day!