How do you tell your children you are separating?

by Lorrie Brook / OCA / 29 May 2015

So you have made the decision to separate. You know that this is the best thing for your children in the long term. How do you tell them?

  • Do you both sit down with the children and explain what is going to happen?
  • Do you just pack everything up and leave, telling them on the way to the new place?
  • Do you not tell them at all – just let them figure it out?

Obviously the way you approach this will be different depending on the age of your children and the situation in which you find yourself. In circumstances though where there is no risk to the safety or well-being of the children or yourself we would reason that it is in their interests that they are told by both of you. Why? This will allow you both to reassure your children that you still love them and always will. It will also give your children the opportunity to ask questions and for you both to be there to give your answer and put forward your first united front in your future co-parenting relationship.

Our Children Australia is here to help you in your future co-parenting relationship. We give parents the tools they need to communicate and share information with each other concerning their children and we are working on giving you the tools you need to do this from the moment you make the decision to separate the family unit.

If you have been in the predicament we would love to hear how you did this.