Legal Coach - do you have one?

by Lorrie Brook / OCA / 5 May 2016

A Legal Coach - moving away from the traditional lawyer/client relationship

This month we are looking at the concept of divorce (not child custody or property). To start I wanted to talk to you about a legal coach.


I was speaking to a lawyer recently and we were talking about the different offerings of their firm and one thing that struck me as being quite unique and applicable to this day and age is their service offering as a legal coach.


So what is a legal coach?

Instead of having to engage a lawyer to do everything for you they will help you and coach you through the process. They will provide you with the education and advice needed so you can understand what the next steps will be; what documents need to be completed and what information needs to be included? From there you then go away and do everything yourself with the ability to check in with them from time to time.


Don’t get me wrong this concept isn’t completely new but the manner in which they are offering it to their clients and how they are providing these services is. At the end of the day, offerings like this are a great way to obtain the help you need whilst keeping your legal fees under control.


A legal coach is especially great for those of you who still need to apply for your actual divorce. It is a great first step to getting the knowledge and understanding of the Court forms, getting familiar with the education your lawyer provides to you and going away and doing the steps yourself. After all, you should always crawl before you walk and if you think you want to represent yourself in further proceedings this is a great way to test the waters in the first instance.


Most firms may do this for you but it will be termed differently depending on the firm you choose. If you would like more information and resources please come over to