No-one will see the world the same way you do.

by Admin User / Separation / 26 Oct 2022

Picture of the ocean and what we see

I was having a conversation recently when I was reminded of a story about a teacher and his class. 

The parents, I were talking too were both trying to convince me that they were right and the other was wrong. 

In the scheme of things, it did not matter which is why I shared this story with them.

Once a teacher took his class to a park and asked them to observe the park for a short span of time but each student had to stay where they were.  None of them could move.

After 5 minutes teacher asked each student to share what they had noticed. 

One student mentioned that he felt cool breeze which made him fresh and energetic. All students were cheered up by listening to this comment as they also started feeling the same. Another student said that green leaves and colourful flowers are an indication of life, hope and prosperity.  Another student said that the silence in the surroundings and the yellow colour of some of the leaves made him sad, lonely and pessimist about life.

With this the teacher reminded his students that each one of them was given the same task in the same location and yet, each student had a different observation and experience.  However by logic no one was completely wrong. 

Each one of us is unique and our observations and experiences can be just as unique. 

It doesn’t mean that one of us is right and the other is wrong. It just is.  

What we each take away from an experience will be different and that is a good thing… unless you are already embroiled in conflict in which case you will think the other person is being deliberately misleading or just plain out lying.  

But remember, no-one will see the world the exact same way as you.  Because no one else is you!