online calendars and co parenting

by Lorrie Brook / OCA / 30 Nov 2015

Online calendar - do you use one?

Welcome back to Our Children Australia. Today we are going to talk about an online calendar and how using one can help you with your co parenting duties.

When I was practicing family law one of the issues that often came up is that calendar’s varied household to household. Whilst there is only ever 12 months in a year and the number of days never changed but does change is that a week may start on a Sunday on one and on another it may start on a Monday.

As a result the way people interpret some orders/agreements can be different. Some people may believe that changeover was to take place on a Sunday whereas the other parent may have thought it was supposed to occur on a Monday. This is especially so during school holidays. This then has the potential to really inflame conflict. So by using an online calendar that is shared between the both of you, you have the ability to input your orders/agreement and by doing so any disputes about when times start or end can be resolved then - when the intention behind the agreement is fresh for both of you. It also means that you are not having arguments about when your time during school holidays starts or ends the week that school holidays start! You know if you need to organize vacation care – when that is to be for.

The shared online calendar also means that you both know what events your children have on. Sporting events, birthday parties, parent teacher interviews, school photographs – if you put that in the calendar then you both know. If one parent doesn’t check it – that’s on them but if you have put everything in then you have done yours. You have shared the information, and then the responsibility lies for each of you to check it.

Like I have said before it is only as good as you use it. If you don’t put everything in there of course there will be ongoing issues but if you do put everything in the calendar that relates to your children then that’s when you will see the best outcome.