Parenting Programs

by Lorrie Brook / Co Parenting / 8 Mar 2019

Don't gasp - parenting programs aren't that bad!

Have you suggested that your ex attend a parenting program only to be met with a gasp and fury? It really isn’t that surprising when you think about it – how would you like it if someone told you that you needed to do a parenting program? Immediately you would think that they are inferring that you do not know how to parent your children appropriately.


Firstly lets stop there and clear the air about some of these issues. Parenting programs are not just for parents who need or want tips on how to parent their children. They are so much more than that.


In a family law context, parenting programs can be there to help you and your ex establish a co parenting relationship. How is that any different to what you had when you were together?   It is. Think about this, when you were together you most likely had each other’s back. You would support each other when disciplining your children and explaining life’s events and tragedies to them. Now though you each have your own household and possibly different rules. No one has your back and it is likely that what can be done in one household; can’t be done in the other. So wouldn’t it be good to know that despite being in different households your children were still being parented relatively the same way?


Parenting programs are also available to help with the hurdles families may face when they are combining two existing family units into one. They are there to help provide parents with different discipline strategies and techniques. They are there to provide parents with new ways to discuss issues with your children and ensure that there is an open and honest dialogue between them.


Parenting programs should not be seen as an inference that you are not a good parent. To the contrary, parents who attend these should be seen to be active and involved parents. Parents who want to better their skills and who are always open to learning new strategies and techniques. Really, a parenting program is no different then going to a training program for your job. It is always important that you stay up to date with your skills and what is new in your area of business just as it is with your number one priority – your children!

Have you completed a parenting program you would recommend?