Quiet Time Activities for Kids

by Lorrie Brook / Children / 28 Mar 2016

3 Quiet Time activities for children by Sophia Smith

Quiet Time Activities for Kids


Sometimes, parents just need a moment to rest and relax when they get home from work and they do not have the strength to cope with the children’s energy. During those times, there is no need to get angry at kids or try to convince them to stay quiet, because there are various fun activities that kids would gladly do when suggested. The best thing about these activities are the facts that they do not require the involvement of parents and they are usually done in pleasant silence.

The World of Coloring

The World of Colouring 

Coloring is a universal pastime for a child of any age. Not only is it fun but it also promotes the development of creativity in children. Parents can give coloring books to their kids or blank sheets of paper if they are to draw something themselves. A good idea would be to present the children with a drawing task, but not something as simple as drawing a certain object.


It would be very beneficial to ask the kids to draw something that represents their thoughts and feelings. For example, parents can say ‘Draw something that makes you feel calm, happy, etc.’ and look forward to the results while children enjoy this little introspection. Moreover, younger kids can learn about alphabet, numbers and coordination if the coloring sheets of paper contain number and letter coloring, or connect the dot games.

Reading Activities

Reading Activities 

Parents of kids who already know how to read are in luck because a good book can engage a child for a long period of quiet time. To make them more motivated to read, parents can give their kids little tasks, depending on their reading skill. For example, kids can be presented with the task that they need to summarize the book when they finish it, or explain why certain character is their favorite.


A bit older children who are able to enjoy a more complicated book can be instructed to find all the words they do not understand and find their meaning in a dictionary. With groups of children, this can turn into a quiet little competition. Parents who have more than one child can use this opportunity of innocent sibling rivalry to have them learn more words while competing.

Using the Mind and Hands

Using their hands 

There are many other games that can be played alone or in a group but all involve silence and mind work. Such games are puzzles, Sudoku, memory games, cards and even math games that can be played online. There are special programs that decide the level of math problems according to the age of the child. These games are perfect tools for developing concentration and patience in children while the parents can rest easily. Moreover, most children already know how to use modern technologies and parents can use this to their advantage by presenting them with YouTube channels that deal with DIY projects and having kids decide what they want to make while following the tutorial.


Learning a foreign language is another quiet activity worth considering, because preschool children have the ability to use their memory to the fullest and find this kind of endeavor easier than in later years. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to provide kids with an opportunity for establishing some basics of a foreign language in their early years.

Basically, when they want their deserved quiet time off, parents should not force their kids to stay quiet and punish them if they cannot deliver. The best way to secure that the child will gain something while playing in silence is to present them with brain stimulating activities in a cheerful manner to spike their interests.

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