Separation is RealĀ 

by Admin User / Separation / 2 Sep 2019

There’s no getting around the pain of separation – it’s damn real. Whether it was you that decided to end the marriage, or your partner, there is always an element of hardship and emotional turmoil involved. There are a variety of different ways to ease the pain, but the best thing for a broken heart, is time. When you’re in a marriage though and you have a child or children with your partner, there are a few bigger things at play. A broken heart is one thing, but the logistics of separation is a whole different heartbreak in itself. Something that can help you in a more practical sense, is researching and discovering your options. 


Find Out What’s Out There to Help You: 

Researching is an extremely important step in the separation process. Take your time and find out what options you have. There is a variety of recourses and information for single parents on the internet. Discover Co-Parenting Apps, Co-Parenting recourses, Co-Parenting Programs and a whole lot of extremely useful information. 


The Truth about Co-Parenting: 

Co-parenting is messy, and those who have experienced it, say that in the early days it’s nothing short of utterly exhausting. Of course, everyone is different, and so everyone has a different story to tell. But generally speaking, co-parenting is a challenge. The fact that it’s something extremely new and totally different to anything you’ve ever experienced of all your years of parenting makes it immediately feel strange. Then add that to the already awkward relationship with your ex and it’s yes, challenging… to say the least. But here’s the good news, there are a variety of resources online that can help make co-parenting a breeze! 


Parenting Orders Online Program 

The SPOT Program (Separated Parenting Online Program) is an online course/program which aims to help separated parents learn how to better co-parent. Generally, the program provides separated parents with the tools necessary in moving from an intimate personal relationship to a business like relationship.  At the end of the day your relationship has ended however you will remain in a co-parenting relationship for some years to come. SPOT is designed to teach you what is a reasonable response and what isn’t, in often-emotional circumstances. If you are in Court proceedings the Court may actually order you to complete a parenting orders program, which is exactly what SPOT is.  The difference is that you can complete SPOT in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. At the end of the day, when your personal relationship has ended, moving from what and how things ‘used to work’ can be a difficult challenge. You will find that what was once a simple phone call to have the other party collect the kids when you were running late from work may not be so simple anymore.  Or the impacts of having to change your weekend plans were once a simple conversation and now they come coupled with emotion and suspicion. Learning how to handle these situations is an important step in your new co parenting relationship and a vital one at that.