What do you do on your child's birthday?

by Lorrie Brook / Co Parenting / 12 Apr 2015

In just over a week my little girl will turn 2. I can’t believe it. I am not quite sure where the two years has gone and I am sure many of you are the same. This got be me thinking though – how do you organise your children’s birthdays? What do you do to enable them to spend time with each of you?


There are so many options out there and really we are only limited by our imagination but it is a day that is filled with so much importance and joy especially for our children. There is nothing better then seeing them so excited and grateful for what they have received, the birthday cake sitting in front of them and their friends and family surrounding.


Unfortunately though, some children have to suffer through this joy; they suffer because they know that they might not get to see one of their parents or alternatively their time is filled with parental conflict. As adults we know the stress and angst that this causes us, imagine what it is doing to them.


So when your children are about to celebrate their birthday, why don’t you stop and think about what you can do to make it a joyous occasion for them. It might be a joint birthday party (having said this, if being together will only cause conflict – don’t do this); it might be splitting the day; it might be having 2 birthdays all together. Whatever you do, make it all about your children.


We would love to hear what do, so please share below in the comments. You never know, your comment may just help another family who are trying to figure out an arrangement!