Why do I have to talk to my ex about the kids?

by Admin User / Co Parenting / 14 Sep 2022

Mother and father facing off over kids

Communicate…. Or risk the court taking a dim view of your actions…. Easier said than done!

Have you ever felt like your lawyer is giving you advice that is simply impossible to action?  How many times have you had a professional tell you that you should just get over it and pass information between you both like nothing ever happened?  

Let’s face it - If you could communicate effectively chances are you would still be in a relationship.

Co parenting communications is hard especially after a nasty separation and divorce.  

Leaving aside the emotions you both have going on because of the relationship breakdown knowing what information to pass on can be difficult. Together with when, how and in what form. 

This can be compounded if you are trying to co parent with someone who you believe to be controlling, manipulative or even narcissistic.    

This is where I want to introduce you to Mia from Grey Rock Consulting.  Mia has developed a process to help you when it comes to communicating with your ex when you feel like everything you say can and will be used against you.  

You can find out more about what Mia does by listening to our interview with her here.

We believe that Mia’s advice coupled with the use of our platform is the perfect way to solve your communication issues.